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Who Handles My Social Security Claim?

After you apply for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will confirm the information you included on your application and in your interview. They will make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for eligibility for benefits. They will also find out whether you’ve worked enough to qualify for benefits and whether you’re currently working at all. If The Social Security Administration feels that you meet these requirements, then your case will be turned over to your local state field office to find out if you are disabled.

Disability Determination Services

Each state has an agency that is responsible for finding out whether or not you are truly disabled. That office is called Disability Determination Services. You’ll hear that term a lot, and often it’s simply called DDS. There, your case will be handled by a Claims Representative (CR). Medical specialists and doctors who work for the state DDS office will gather information about your condition from your doctor and other healthcare providers. They will collect records from doctors, hospitals, laboratories, therapy clinics, and other places you may have been treated.

Disability Determination Services will need to find out 1) what your medical condition is, 2) when your medical condition first began, 3) how your life and daily activities are limited by your medical condition, 4) the results of all of your medical and lab tests, and 5) what treatments you have received for your condition.

DDS will also find out about whether you’re able to do those things that are most related to your ability to work. They will find out your limitations regarding walking, sitting, carrying things, lifting things, and being able to carry out simple instructions. At no time will your personal treating doctors be asked whether they think you are disabled.

If your case worker feels like more information is needed, and they are unable to decide whether or not you are really disabled, then the state may require that you attend a special examination. The exam may be performed by your own treating doctor, but there are times when a specialist is needed. If you need to attend a special examination, you will not be charged for the visit. The Social Security Administration will pay for the examination and will even help reimburse you for your cost for travel.

If you (or someone you love) has been denied Social Security disability benefits, and you feel that you are truly disabled, don’t give up. Our office is ready to help you. The Social Security Lawyers of Nevada are experienced, helpful and eager to win your case. Call us toll-free at (702) 707-2222. There is no charge and your call will be kept strictly confidential.

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