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We are always happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions at Social Security Lawyers of Nevada. Your case is always handled by an attorney who will clarify all queries of your case.

1 Hour Call/Email Response To Help You

At Social Security Lawyers of Nevada, we realize the stress you go through and the importance of time for you. Your call or email will be answered/returned within the hour

No Fee Unless We Win

We have affordable and flexible rates for all our clients so that the privilege of having an attorney handle your case with diligence is not reserved only for the rich.

The Role of MediCare And MedicAid in Social Security Disability Claims

Everyone who receives SSI benefits also qualifies for MedicAid. Everyone who receives social security disability benefits, after a waiting period will also qualify for MediCare. If we help them and are successful in getting them approved for SSI they automatically qualify for MedicAid immediately. If they get approved for disability benefits which is the SSDI or SSD benefits after their waiting period, they will then qualify for MediCare benefits and that is automatic. Everyone says that the only reason they are applying for these benefits is because of health insurance. They don’t care about the money, they only want the health insurance but honestly everybody just wants the money. They don’t really care about the health insurance.

Medical Expenses of Claimants While Their Litigation is Ongoing

There are county programs, county services, state programs, state services that allow people to get minimum health care. Some minimum health care services for little or no cost, but it is really hard and we try to provide. We try to connect our clients with those services.

The Pitfalls Associated With Not Retaining A Specialist Social Security Attorney

Car wreck attorneys may dabble in social security. We’re not personal injuries attorneys who are willing to take a social security case. We are social security attorneys looking to help people who were denied their social security claim. That’s what we do, that’s the name of our firm, that’s who our practice is dedicated to help.

Attorney Insight Into Handling Social Security Disability Claims

As we have represented so many people, the insights that we have gotten are that every case is unique. Every person is different and in order to successfully represent a social security disability claimant, it is important to remember that. It is important to remember that every claimant is another case, it’s just not another number. It’s a real person with that has a real life story and a real unique set of problems and real unique set of circumstances.

An Attorney Can Relate the Unique Circumstances of the Claimant to the Court

Those unique set of circumstances, those unique problems are important and it’s important that the judge and your lawyer understands that situation and those circumstances. It’s important that the judge understand that as well. It is important that they understand that you’ve worked hard and this is not the situation that you wanted to be in and this is not where you hoped to be in your life. As a point you need these benefits and you deserve and you need an attorney who understands the process and understands your unique situation and can help you get the benefits you deserve.