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An Overview Of Social Security Disability Litigation In Nevada

There is not a typical person who needs disability. It can be from an injury, it can be from an illness, it can be from a matter of people just getting older and wearing out their body. A lot of different diseases, lots of different injuries, lots of unfortunate circumstances may cause a person to seek disability. People from different walks of life, male, female, different races are all prone to bad luck striking.

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People With Disability May be Denied Compensation Although They’re Truly Deserving

The system is broken. The disability system really does deny people who have paid for these benefits, who deserve these benefits, who are entitled to these benefits and who need these benefits. It is unfortunate that one needs to hire a lawyer to get benefits that they are entitled to but that is the system that we have today and the system is broken.

The Role Of An Attorney In a Defectively Functioning Social Security System

It is not possible to be able to fix the system on a global level. That is up to congress or people in Washington. An Attorney can try to help one person at a time to get these benefits. There isn’t any other change to that system on a global level. Between 70 and 80 per cent of people are denied their social security disability claims. Maybe even more than that.

The Origins of Social Security Disability Benefits In Nevada

All workers that are paid by payroll check or that file any kind of taxes, self-employment tax, they are paying social security disability premiums.  Part of your wage throughout your entire life goes to pay this disability insurance premium just in case they’re ever in the circumstances where you’re unable to work due to a disease, illness or injury. If that happens, they’re entitled to these disability benefits.

The Process Of Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in Nevada

There’s a couple of different ways that a person can file a social security disability claim. They can log on to and file a claim and file their initial disability application. They can also contact the local social security office and file a claim there as well. They can contact our office and in some cases, we can actually assist them in initiating and filing that claim on their behalf.

The Typical Mindset of a Social Security Disability Claim Applicant

Most of the people who call an attorney have already been denied once. Many of them have already been denied twice and some have been denied multiple times. Many of them are ready to give up and have decided that they just think that there’s no chance to get these benefits. This is just something that’s not going to work out for them. That’s the mindset of most of the people that retain an attorney and they’re looking to see if any options are available. A lot of people do feel helpless and they feel like they’re just out of options and they feel powerless to fight against the system. It’s complicated and it’s big and it’s bureaucratic as the social security administration.

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