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We are always happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions at Social Security Lawyers of Nevada. Your case is always handled by an attorney who will clarify all queries of your case.

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At Social Security Lawyers of Nevada, we realize the stress you go through and the importance of time for you. Your call or email will be answered/returned within the hour

No Fee Unless We Win

We have affordable and flexible rates for all our clients so that the privilege of having an attorney handle your case with diligence is not reserved only for the rich.

Social Security Lawyers of Nevada

The Social Security Lawyers of Nevada provide the type of legal service we would expect to receive for ourselves, our families or our friends. Choosing a lawyer is a serious and often, stressful decision. At Social Security Lawyers of Nevada, we handle your case skillfully to allow you to focus on what is most important; you and your family, instead of the pain and stress a legal matter can cause.

We at Social Security Lawyers of Nevada:

  • listUnderstand the complexities that arise and have the best team to aggressively fight your case
  • listUnderstand how sensitive these matters of injuries and disabilities are and vigilantly protect your rights
  • listUnderstand each issue is unique and our team of attorneys provides dedicated and comprehensive legal representation
  • listUnderstand the density of the legal work, eligibility requirements and federal regulations involved and our team of attorneys strives in giving back our client much needed compensation
  • listWork alongside the client to get the complete medical and work history documentation and prevent errors to the maximum that can lead in denial of an application

SSD procedures are lengthy and require the assistance of an attorney who is fully equipped with the knowledge of the application process. The complications in the phase of qualification for a successful SSD are high – one of them being the rising number of claims being made. This rising number has increased the number of rejected applications to twice the number.

Our team at Social Security Lawyers of Nevada has worked with a number of clients who were genuinely in need of the financial assistance and could not let their disabilities affect their personal well-being. We endeavor to complete the SSD applications of the client with utmost intelligence so that their chances of being accepted for compensation are high.