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The Benefits of Retaining An Attorney As Opposed to Hiring a Private Company

There are other companies out there that are owned by insurance companies. There are companies that advertise on television, on cable across the country and they’re trying to get people to sign up with them. It is advisable to be wary of these companies. It is important to make sure that you hire a representative, an attorney that you can talk to. You need to hire an attorney that you can meet with, someone who has an office in your area, someone that is real, someone who is going to actually work on your case.

The problem with hiring these other companies is initially, they talk a really good game and they’re there for you. Your case worker will be there for you on the phone but you’ll never meet a lawyer, you’ll never talk to a lawyer and a lawyer may or may not choose to come to your hearing when it happens. Hiring a lawyer who has an office in your area makes a big difference.

The Attorney Fees for Successfully Litigating an SSD Claim in Nevada

One of the best parts about this is that attorneys understand that people who are seeking help for social security disability benefits, in most cases, do not have any money coming in. They are not working and they do not have a lot of money saved up. Attorneys generally do not charge any money upfront and do not charge any money ever unless they’re successful in getting their clients approved for social security disability benefits. Attorneys then get 25 per cent of their first check only.

The Factors that Constitute a Viable Social Security Disability Claim

The number of things that are very helpful in looking at a claim is someone seeking medical care. Is someone actually under the care of a doctor treating for their medical problems? The other thing is if the claimant’s experiencing physical or mental limitations as a result of their medical problems or as a result of the disease, illness or injury. Are they experiencing limitations either physical or mental that would prevent them from being able to perform work related activity? This could include like inability to lift, inability to carry an object for long periods of time, inability to walk great distances, inability to sit for extended periods of time. It could also involve inabilities to maintain concentration, to maintain focus, to maintain pace or inability to interact appropriately with co-workers, with the public or with supervisors.

An Individual Must be Incapacitated for an Year or More to Qualify for SSD Benefits

In order to qualify for disability benefits, the law requires that the disability has lasted for a year or more or that the disability is expected to last for a year or more or lead to death. Some examples of conditions that will get people benefits are back injuries, neck injuries, heart problems and lung problems.

SSD Claims Do Not Require that the Disability Result from a Work Related Accident

With social security disability, it does not matter whether these conditions resulted from an accident, an on the job injury, a disease or just degenerative changes in your body overtime. It does not matter if this is from a single injury, disease or ailment or if it is a combination of impairments that combined together to prevent one from being able to maintain no fulltime employment. Even if someone is physically and mentally able to work on a part-time basis, one still may qualify for disability if they are unable to maintain fulltime employment.

The Kind of Conditions that Could Qualify an Individual for SSD Benefits

It could be a car accident; it could be on the job injuries where you’re no longer able to do what you were able to do before. Maybe one of the misconceptions is in order to qualify for social security disability, you do not have to be handicapped, you don’t have to be crippled, you don’t have to be in a wheelchair, you just have to be unable to maintain and to keep fulltime employment.

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