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The Process Of Retaining An Attorney For An SSD Claim In Nevada

It is not a complicated process. Social security does require us to sign and to execute way more forms than we need to. We’re able to do all of all the work and all of the forms here. We will continue to follow up, stay on top of the client’s medical progress, to stay on top of their medical situation, their treatment situation, as we work through the appeals process. We want to make it through that process as quickly as possible, not creating more delays than are already out there. Our goal is to get to an administrative law judge hearing or an ALJ hearing as quickly as possible. It is at the administrative law judge hearing where most people are awarded benefits.

It is Important to Have a Meeting with the Attorney Prior to the Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Prior to that hearing, the client will be back in our office and the client will sit down one on one with the attorney who is actually going to represent them at the hearing. We have lots of attorneys here at the Social Security Lawyers Nevada who do social security hearings. Our clients meet not just with any attorney, but they meet with the attorney who is going to do their hearing. It is at that meeting where we go over things like, who will be at the hearing and what kinds of questions they will be asking. We will even start to help the clients understand what the law is, what the judge can consider, what the judge can’t consider, we will help the clients understand.

For Many Applicants, the Administrative Law Judge Hearing Can be The Most Important Hearing of their Lives

We will then meet with the clients the day of the hearing to make sure that they don’t have any last questions about the process or the hearing itself. We want the clients to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible as they go in to court, which for many for our clients will be the most important hearing of their life.

Common Client Concerns Regarding Social Security Disability Claims

There are no depositions, there’s no back and forth to court multiple times. In rare cases, the judge will ask for a supplemental hearing or the judge could single the client out for consultation and exams with doctors and ask them to come back and do a supplemental hearing. In those cases, we follow up and we do those as well but those are the exceptions to the rule. The client is going to have a lot of obligations over that time, and hopefully the clients won’t even have to make any additional trips into the office.

Clients May be Prepped Over the Phone but a Face to Face Meeting is Desirable

There will be calls, there will be information that we need, we will follow up with the clients. In most cases, all of that information can be handled over the phone. As we go through the appeals process, and as we stay updated on the client’s medical situation and their medical progress. However, it is important that whenever possible, we want the clients back into our office for those hearing preps. In preparation meetings, if transportation or other medical problems arise, then we can do those meetings over the phone, however we prefer doing those meetings in person.

The Types Of Social Security Benefits Available to People in Nevada

There are 2 different kinds of disability benefits. One is called Social Security Disability Benefits, also termed SSD benefits or SSDI benefits. The other kind of benefits are SSI benefits, those are supplemental security benefits. SSDI benefits or social security benefits are benefits based on money that you paid into the system over the course of your life. It is basically an insurance program that you have been paying into. SSI benefits is an entitlement program. It is a welfare program that you become qualified for if you have very limited assets, no income and you are also disabled.

People May Qualify for Both Types of Benefits but Generally Qualify for One at A Given Time

There are some cases where people can qualify for both but most of the time people qualify for one or the other at a time. Because if you are receiving social security disability benefits or if you qualify for social security disability benefits, that income in if itself well almost disqualifies you for the SSI. The most money you can receive in SSI payments that also changes years is about $680 per month. We help people get both SSDI and SSI benefits.

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