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Before You File for Social Security

Each Social Security disability case can be quite different: the information needed to be eligible is dependent upon the case details, the length of time taken to award benefits may vary, and the amount of money awarded is individual to each case. While there are many variables in being accepted for Social Security disability (SSD), there are some facts about the process that you can count on. Before you start the application process, take a look at this small list of facts to determine whether you should go forward.

All social security claims are unique. The details of the case, the nature of the disability, the length of the disability, the time it takes to award benefits and the final award amount are all different from one another. While each case has its own set of facts and variables, there are still some elements of a social security disability claim that are generalized across the board, to the extent that good advice can be given regarding different stages of the claim.

It’s important to remember that your status is contingent upon the severity of your impairment. You must have been proven by a doctor to be disabled for at least a full year. Further, a true “disability” if your impairment

Social Security Claim Evaluation Form

  • Fact 1: Your disability status is determined by the severity of your disability. Specifically, you must have already been disabled for a year, or be expected to be disabled for at least a year (proven by a doctor). In addition, the mere definition of the term ‘disability’ assumes that your disability may possibly result in death. These facts must be present as a part of your case to deem you ‘disabled’.
  • Fact 2: You cannot receive Social Security disability for short-term or partial disability. There are no amendments to this fact. Worker’s compensation and medical insurance are good options for either case.
  • Fact 3: You can still work and collect SSD, as long as your earnings are under a certain amount per month, known as substantial gainful activity. If you are working and the amount received before taxes is less than the substantial gainful activity, you may still collect SSD.
  • Fact 4: The amount of money you receive from SSD is not based on how much money you are currently making at your present job. The amount of money you will be awarded will be based on how much you have paid into the Social Security disability program over your lifetime.
  • FACT 5: Receiving Social Security disability benefits is a timely process. It may take 3 months, 6 months, or over a year. Some cases may take longer. Almost all cases are denied at the first application, and many are denied for a second time. Having investments to draw from or a healthy savings account can be imperative during the application process and review process.

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